Elusive Funding?

Not anymore.

These days, securing the right funding feels like an uphill battle, especially for passionate side hustlers and independent professionals like you.

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At Funding Fixed.

We recognize this and firmly believe in financial inclusion. That means that everybody should have access to funding that can help them launch their idea and get started as an entrepreneur.

We're here to help your entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring that you and others in our local community have the resources to embark on your business journey.

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How Funding Fixed Has Your Back

Let us find the right solution for your needs by presenting some options below:

Referral Bonuses

Description: Know someone who could benefit from our financial products? Refer them to us, and earn a one-time fee of $250.

Benefits: Quick cash for simply connecting us with potential clients.

Become a Brand Agent

Description: Join our team as an agent and help usher people into our virtual Discovery Centers.

Benefits: Earn $500 monthly for just about 10 hours of work. It's a consistent income stream with minimal time investment.

Payment Processors for Independent Professionals

Description: If you're offering products or services independently, we provide tools to accept credit card and ACH payments directly on your phone.

Benefits: Seamless no-fee payment processing transactions, increased professionalism, and the ability to cater to a wider customer base.

Access to More Than 75 Lenders

Description: Through our extensive partnerships, we can connect you with the right lender tailored to your needs.

Benefits: With a plethora of options, you're bound to find a funding solution that aligns with your goals, ensuring you get started on the right foot.

You dream it.

We fund it.

Every dreamer needs a believer, and at Funding Fixed, we've walked in your shoes. We understand the challenges and the aspirations, and that's why we're dedicated to helping you realize your vision. Because when you succeed, our community thrives.

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Ready for Liftoff!

Ready to explore the endless possibilities and secure the funding you deserve?

We offer concierge level service to help guide you to the program that will help you the most.

Schedule a consultation with our expert reps today and let's pave the way for your entrepreneurial success.

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