Know your family funds.

Traditional funding often misses the mark. If your bank has left you cold more than once, then you already know that funding for families is broken these days. Family funding is not just about providing financial assistance; it's about connecting families with the resources they genuinely need.

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At Funding Fixed, we Bridge the Gap.

We're not offering handouts. We're offering to connect you to funds you've earned through your dedication and hard work. As the new school year begins, we're here to ensure your family thrives.

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Back To School Benefits. Just For You.

Are you a Pell grant recipient, a proud member of a veteran family, or a SNAP benefits holder?

If yes, here's what you could qualify for:

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Free Tablets

Equip your children with the latest tablets to aid their learning journey.

Level the Playing Field: Every child deserves an equal shot at success. With these tablets, your child can access the same resources as their peers, ensuring they don't fall behind.

Interactive Learning: Tablets offer a dynamic way to learn. From educational apps to interactive eBooks, your child can engage with content in a way that's both fun and informative.

Homework and Research: No more library trips or waiting for computer time. With a personal tablet, your child can complete assignments and research from the comfort of home.

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Monthly Stipend

Receive $50 every month, loaded directly onto your tablet account.

Access to Paid Apps: Some of the best educational apps come with a price tag. With the monthly allowance, your child can download these without hesitation.

E-books and Online Courses: From classic literature to advanced courses, the allowance can be used to purchase a range of educational content.

Emergency Funds: Unexpected expenses can arise anytime. Whether it's a project material or a last-minute book, the allowance ensures your child is always prepared.

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Stay Connected

Enjoy free Wi-Fi for an entire year, ensuring uninterrupted learning.

Online Classes: Many schools and tutors now offer online sessions. With free Wi-Fi, your child can attend these without any disruptions.

Research and Exploration: The internet is a treasure trove of information. Whether it's a school project or personal curiosity, a stable connection ensures your child can explore to their heart's content.

Stay Updated: Educational platforms often provide updates, new content, and interactive sessions. With uninterrupted Wi-Fi, your child won't miss out on any opportunities.


Why we do this.

Billions of dollars are waiting to be claimed by deserving American business owners, citizens, veterans, children, and parents. Yet, this crucial information often gets lost in the noise.

We've created a marketplace to cut through the clutter, ensuring you access to the resources you rightfully deserve.

We’re locals just like you with small businesses and families to take care of. We know that when you thrive, the entire community thrives with you!

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