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Elevate Your Brewery with Funding Fixed.

At Funding Fixed, we deeply understand the many challenges breweries in the United States face, including the high operating costs of labor, cash flow constraints, and the burden of debt.

We are inspired by the resilience and strength of your businesses, especially considering the remarkable survival rate during the pandemic. It was predicted that 40% of businesses in Worcester County Massachusetts alone would close, yet only 10% did.

This just shows how robust your business is since you were able to survive. Now it’s time to thrive so we’re here to further bolster your success through our Discovery Center Pop-Ups. These are designed to uncover funding opportunities and benefits to enhance your brewery’s growth and stability.


Our Services.

Funding Fixed operates a cooperative marketplace, connecting businesses like yours to our esteemed partners who specialize in securing the funding you need. Our services include:

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ERC Refunds Connection

What: A specialized service to help businesses claim government refunds.


  • Expertise from ERC Benefits CPA professionals.
  • Proven track record of securing funds for small businesses.

If you were told you were ineligible, take another look since the rules have changed.
No upfront payment required, ensuring peace of mind.

Marketplace of Lenders

What: A comprehensive loan marketplace tailored for small businesses.


  • Connect with 75+ lenders effortlessly.
  • Get the best rates, terms, and amounts suitable for your needs.

Quick and straightforward application process that can have your funds in your account in less than 48 hours.

Payment Processor Connection

What: A versatile payment solution for all types of small businesses.


  • Save up to 70% compared to most payment processors.
  • Harness the latest technology for innovative payment options.
  • No fee processing means you only pay per transaction.

Use your special merchant code for further savings.

Location Score

What: Receive a comprehensive evaluation to audit your online marketing.


Discover how your liquor store rates compared to your competitors in terms of being found by your ideal customer.

This service is completely free and aims to enhance your online presence.

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Trust in ERC Benefits.

You may have heard about the current moratorium by the IRS on new applications for the ERC due to concerns over fraudulent activity. However, it’s business as usual for ERC Benefits.

Their professionalism and impeccable record have made them busier than ever, submitting applications and earning trust. It’s crucial to make sure you figure out if you’re eligible and send your application to ensure they it’s at the top of the pile once the IRS resumes processing

Free to Apply

Discovery Center Pop-Up.

Imagine a farmer’s market, where Funding Fixed is the knowledgeable farmer behind the stall, ready to guide you through a variety of funding options, just like helping you pick the right ingredients for your recipe.

Our Discovery Center Pop-Up is a concierge service where our agents calmly walk you through each option in just 20 minutes, allowing you to choose the services that interest you the most.

How it Works.

Step 1: Explore Options

  • Visit our pop-up and dive into the diverse services we offer.
  • Engage with our agents to gain insights into each option.

Step2: Choose Your Interest

  • Select the service that aligns with your business needs.
  • Resolve all your queries instantly.

Step 3: Seamless Handoff

  • We connect you to the respective partner once you decide.
  • Manage your application at your convenience.

Ready to Fortify Your Brewery's Future?

Discover the array of opportunities and benefits that Funding Fixed can bring to breweries in the United States.

Book an appointment now to experience our Discovery Center Pop-Up and take the first step towards unearthing exclusive funding opportunities for your brewery

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Free to Apply

Funding Fixed is committed to empowering breweries in the United States, helping you navigate challenges and brew success.

Let’s collaborate to fortify your brewery’s future and celebrate the resilience and strength of your business!